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Another Year Later!

You can see I’m not much of a blogger, or at least not right now. Being 60 years old and having two young children can significantly reduce one’s personal time. But I have made this blog about my calling and I must say that I still feel that same call to this work. This is sacred work and it is a special kind of midwifery that enters into the mystery of mortality and life’s temporality and the gift of faith.

When life is coming to an end, there  is really only one thing to hold on to, I think.  But I’ve never been there. It would have to be faith: faith in what is unseen and yet promised.

It means we must turn our face toward love: the love that  brought us into the world and the love that brings us into its eternal embrace.

A Year Later

I continue to value and enjoy my work as a hospice chaplain. The organization I work for has admirable values and high standards. My co-workers are great, and I’m always touched by the way in which people invite me into their lives at such a tender moment.


I’ve been called to serve as a chaplain in a wonderful organization called Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter.  And I have now been ordained in the United Church of Christ.  This means a 30-year journey toward this moment has culminated in a new and chosen path.

Search and Call

This coming May it will have been a year since I graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary with my master of divinity degree: a lifelong dream that is coupled with an equally long-incubated desire to be a minister.  My efforts to launch my vocational life are slow in the midst of my responsibilities for our sweet little two-year-old daughter, but I will get there!