Mid-Pandemic Frenzy

Money is now driving this pandemic. Economic reopening. Returning to normal. Getting a haircut, a coffee, a meal. Too many people have had “enough” of saving lives, enough of personal sacrifice. I know that many are without incomes, as are we, and many have lost much. I do sympathize. But saving lives is more important than anything. Without saving lives, the economy will still suffer. These have been our worries, not to mention my own co-morbidities that make resumption of normal life virtually impossible. But what is left behind when people rush back into contact in the MIDDLE of a raging pandemic is those people like me, who are not properly factored into the “advice,” being offered for mitigating (not eliminating) risk. It’s almost like a footnote: “Oh, and if you’re vulnerable, stay at home longer.” And those not so vulnerable need to pay attention to how their “health privilege” affects those left behind by them.

But something just as sinister and dangerous has raised its ugly head: the latent and ever-present white supremacy that erupts as racism (as in discrimination, denial of opportunity, and death) is burning through our country. George Floyd, an innocent black man who might have been a little inebriated one day, was murdered by at least three police offers in broad daylight with no crime committed, no warrant for arrest, no rights read….just murdered by a racist white cop with his knee on his neck. And the other cops also held him down until he died, right there. We need a systemic response, a deep and prolonged re-education, change of heart, concerted effort to re-imagine a new and better world that will not tolerate white supremacy any more. Until then, expect protest, and unfortunately the accompanying destruction.

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