It has been two month since we started “sheltering in place” or “hunkering down” or “quarantining,” or doing “safer at home.” I DO feel safer at home because the information about the disease changes so often as medical experts learn more about it and more new symptoms emerge, including the incredibly troubling Kawasaki-type symptoms in young children. Much of the country watches in horror as states under the Kool-aide spell of the Orange Menace open up in the name of mammon, to attempt to return to normal, even while making safety gestures, such as suggesting or requiring masks, minimal social distancing. Well, there’s FAR more to the transmission than just wearing masks, and far too many selfish Americans are choosing NOT to wear masks while going into large, possibly Covid-laden crowds. They think it’s their right to go out for dinner again. Why not? Well….think of it as attempted murder, because you can’t promise to remain Covid free or not to transmit it to someone who could die from it. It’s called loving your neighbor. Check it out in the Bible. It’s hard enough to love people under normal circumstances but at least we’ve been giving ONE do-able task: those who can stay home must stay home and the rest who are not essential workers need to limit their socializing and go only to work. Pritzker is making some exceptions for outdoor exercise not involving groups and requiring distancing. Two members of my family did that today. It was mostly a success but there are ALWAYS unpredictable “incidences” that bring people a tad too close for safety, for comfort. No matter how hard you try. That’s why it is SO important to try!!!

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