No more brains

…in this coronavirus fight. Rump got rid of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a greatly respected immunologist and who is not in sync with Rump’s ideas about how to handle the response to the virus. Rump wants to get people back to work after 15 days of isolation and let whoever dies just die…the fittest will survive, create herd immunity, and carry on his precious economy and bolster his ego and he thinks, I’m sure, save the human race, which he hates with a passion. We are in trouble, folks. It will be hard to replace Fauci even if he wanted to. According to Rump’s plan, this is just another reason why someone like me is doomed under his plan. But no, I do not plan to be doomed….I hope to God this election goes forward and that this will be our moment to get rid of him.

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