Monthly Archives: March 2020

No more brains

…in this coronavirus fight. Rump got rid of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a greatly respected immunologist and who is not in sync with Rump’s ideas about how to handle the response to the virus. Rump wants to get people back to work after 15 days of isolation and let whoever dies just die…the fittest will survive, create herd immunity, and carry on his precious economy and bolster his ego and he thinks, I’m sure, save the human race, which he hates with a passion. We are in trouble, folks. It will be hard to replace Fauci even if he wanted to. According to Rump’s plan, this is just another reason why someone like me is doomed under his plan. But no, I do not plan to be doomed….I hope to God this election goes forward and that this will be our moment to get rid of him.

Too Close to Home

Yesterday we heard word from our former church that a beloved member–someone we remember fondly as a friend–died from the coronavirus. Just knowing he is no longer with us is sad enough. To think of what this dear family had to endure over the past two weeks is horrifying. This is real. This isn’t pretend. We are in this together, and we must make these small personal “sacrifices” of self-isolation so that others may live.

What can we touch safely?

Does the lid of my Starbucks mocha have the virus on it? How about the bags the food was delivered in today? Is it still on objects I had in my car the other day? How many things should we clean apart from knobs, pens, handles, etc.? Is it everywhere, waiting for a chance to attach itself to us? I’m watching Sky News (From Britain) as their weather globe turns and spins showing temperatures around the world. I can imagine another globe: one that shows the numbers of deaths from Covid-19. It’s incredibly sobering.

Not Everything is Canceled

From a Facebook (and Wellington) friend, Kryss Chupp:

“A friend of mine from church sent this from an unknown source.  I thought we could all use this hopeful reminder.  When I shared it with my colleagues from Christian Peacemaker Teams, people added more things to the list. 

 Seems like a good practice…”


Conversations will not be cancelled.

Relationships will not be cancelled.

Love will not be cancelled.

Songs will not be cancelled.

Reading will not be cancelled.

Self-Care will not be cancelled.

Hope will not be cancelled.


Compassion and Kindness will not be cancelled.

Gratitude will not be cancelled.

Faith will not be cancelled.

Determination will not be cancelled.

Smiles will not be cancelled.

Coping with Covid-19

We’re now all on “shelter in place” as the Covid-19 virus spreads more rapidly though our city. Chicago still has the occasional tissues on the grocery store shelf, but not toilet paper. No paper towels to be found, but these are minor inconveniences.

There are so many people who have lost everything short of their lives, but that’s the sacrifice that is necessary so that they, and many others, don’t lose their lives.

As a pastor of a very small church where two of 12 don’t have e-mail or video capability, we won’t be broadcasting on Sunday, but we will check in on other churches on the growing list of life broadcast Sunday services. We are staying in touch by email and phone, still praying caring.